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Cesis - it's a history for more than 800 years – streets of Old city, Medieval castle with its majesty and waving red-white-red Latvian flag. Cesis – it's a celebration – Cesis festival of art and modern art expositions, fights of knights during the medieval festival and warm summer evening concerts on bandstand in Castle Park. Cesis – one of the most beautiful Latvian little cities – in summer it's Gauja valley pure nature, breath of Medieval times and modern art, but in winter – most popular skiing centre in Baltic, which surprises with multiplicity of tracks and longest runs in the region.

Cesis was established in 1206 and it is third oldest city in Latvia. Evidences of people living in Cesis can be found from fourth century. The fastest development of Cesis happened in Livonian times, when it was capital of Livonia and main development centre in Vidzeme region. In 1323 Cesis received title of the city. In 1367 Cesis joined Hanseatic League. Cesis is considered to be a city where Latvian flag was created.
Starting from 19th century Cesis is known as centre of art, culture and rest and it continues to hold this title. Cultural environment is being influenced by cultural and historical heritage which is made by Cesis Medieval castle, Old city with its street network and wooden, stone and brick buildings, mansions near Gauja river and old manors.